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So I finally got around to updating my picture (2016-05-08), and here's what I look like in all my soccer refereeing glory.

Hello, my first name is Josh and my last name is NOT Adarajin, Bomberdanium, or whatever screen name you happened to have encountered me under. Internet privacy and personal information security on the internet are some of my biggest pet peeves, so you'll have to be understanding when I'm a bit vague on some of the information about me. This is a fairly public page for who is able to browse it, and if you want more complete information you are welcome to ask me directly.

I was born in the middle of 1988 (you can calculate my age yourself so I don't have to keep updating) and first started to be active online in the game of Neopets in January of 2004, using the screen name of "Bomberdanium." I think that it was originally created as a permutation of the game Bomberman and maybe Dalmation as well, but since it was so long ago that I created the name, I really don't recall.

After neopets, I then moved on to play the MMORPG (massive multi-player roll-playing game) of RuneScape starting sometime in 2005 I believe, within a month starting a membership subscription which I have never allowed to lapse since. It was a highly enjoyable game and I was active on the forums to the point where I was invited to become a Forum Moderator in November of 2007. I continued to play for approximately 4 years quite solidly before eventually getting bored of the game and moving on to World of Warcraft. I did come back actively for a month or so when I was granted the additional status of player moderator, but WoW held most of my attention for the most part for that time period, although in the latest part of the current expansion of the time, my current guild was not as active for PvE (player vs environment), so I have been playing a bunch of RuneScape as well since about April 2013. After taking a break from WoW for about 8 months, when I came back I decided that I was tired of dealing with the horde (opposing faction) in PvP (player vs player) so I server transfered away from my current server which was PvP, to a different one which was PvE and did not support as much of the fighting between factions. Because of this, you can now find me on the server of Terokkar.

It is in World of Warcraft, which I joined sometime in 2009 I believe, that I changed my primary online identity to be Adarajin, the name of my preferred character, a worgen (Alliance) warrior originally on the PvP Frostwolf (US) server. I had been feeling a little edgy about having 'bomber' in my online identity for several years, however it wasn't until this point that I decided to make a clean break and start fresh. Once the option to change display names came out on RuneScape, I also changed my name there. On WoW, Adarajin is primarily a tank because I am a skilled player at whatever position that I choose to be, and while I sometimes find being a damage dealer to be more relaxing, I get tired of encountering lousy tanks. My alts are usually classes that can heal as well as dps, and my original primary alt was a paladin tank/healer.

I am a highly social player online, hosting my own TeamSpeak server and occasionally turning on a Ventrilo server as well. I was an active raider and part of couple of social guilds on WoW for the past several expansions, and while I have gone through a few different guilds, it generally takes a lot to make me move from one guild to the next. Outside of the MMORPG's, but still on the computer, I am decent at the FPS (first-person shooter) games and used to excel at Battlefront (a star-wars based game) and Battlefront II to the point that when myself and Lavarider, a good friend of mine, would come on, other players would recognize us and groan knowing that with us teamed together, they were in for a tough fight. But I much prefer playing RTS (real-time strategy) games such as Age of Empires II, Starcraft, Earth 2160, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Sword of the Stars. These games I like to play with others in private LAN parties offline, consisting usually of 4-8 players.

Speaking of being social online, I have made a habit of occasionally going to visit people in person who I have first met online and have known for a while. The first person I went to visit was Debswe (in the interests of internet privacy, I will only be providing screen names for my friends) who I met while playing neopets. She was the guild leader of our guild Dragon's Glade, and our nickname for her was "Grammy." The next people that I went to go visit were Buttercup and Accepted, a couple of friends that I met on RuneScape. After them, I met up with first Dragonwrath and her boyfriend and kids, who all play World of Warcraft (but only Dragonwrath plays regularly and was the only one that I really knew prior to coming to visit), and then later I met up with Shantalil, her husband Grayywolf, and their kids (who I don't recall all their screen names), some more people I know from World of Warcraft. Shantalil is the guild leader of Hidden Glory btw. While I was visiting Shantalil, I also met with Sunnyknight going out for a big group lunch with them all. Adding it all up, over the past several years I have met with 15-20 friends first online and then later in person, and I look forward to perhaps meeting more people in person eventually later as well.

Outside of the computer games, I do have a life despite what people might think from having read the previous several paragraphs. My original focus of study was to be a Game Design Programmer, or at least work in customer service in the games industry (ok, that's not really outside of gaming) for a career, but I discovered that I enjoy writing about code much more than I enjoy writing the code now I want to be a Technical Writer. As far as my actual job goes though, I currently am in a position that covers a mixture of duties working with a small business company. I am level 2 tech support for one of our company clients, taking the issues that the level 1 person cannot resolve and either handling it myself if it can be fixed with a database change (hence my primary title being "Assistant Database Manager" - doesn't that sound fancy?) or forwarding it on with the appropriate priority level to one of the programmers if it requires code changes. Additionally, when new content is released, I am the one to pull out my sledgehammer as I like to say and see what bugs I can find or if I can break the logic working on it as if I were a regular user. Sometimes we joke this makes me the least popular person in the company, because I keep finding work for others to do.

Outside of the computer world, I also enjoy a variety of sports. I live in California, USA, and have been an active soccer referee since 2002 (see my latest picture at the top of this page). My joke about refereeing being better than playing is that you don't have to go to practice and you get paid to come to the games - something that wasn't true when I was a player myself. I generally referee a minimum of 40 games a season, earning $25-$35+ a game. Additionally, in 2013 I have started to referee in the spring season as well as the fall season, which gives me even more games to referee. For other excercise, there is a really nice bike trail nearby, and I consider a short ride to be 10 miles round trip - a good exercise extended ride is 20-30+ miles sometimes. I also like to go bowling a bunch, and my boss has been trying to get us to be more active by taking us to the tennis courts after work some days, or occassionally the attached basketball court.

When the weather is more inclement, I often spend my time reading when not gaming, primarily of the sci-fi or fantasy adventure genre's. My favorite authors include Mercedes Lackey, C.J. Cherryh, S.L. Viehl, Carrie Vaughn, Lindsay Buroker, and many others. I am also somewhat of a writer myself, as you can see by reading the story that I have posted on this site, An Assassin's Redemption. To date, it is at over 40,000 words, covering 23 chapters, and I anticipate that it will be over 60,000 words when I am finished.

Well, I think that's enough about me, I look forward to talking to you wherever you happened to meet me.